Wehrmacht Hellschreiber (Typenbildschreiber)

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Frank Dörenberg



The Hell on the left is an earlier construction, with the motor unit having SN 5240/41, and amplifier is 2726/36. The Hell on the right was built in 1943 with SN 11102 on the motor unit, and 11082 on the amplifier.



Another photo of both Feldfernschreibers.



1943 motor unit manufacturer's data.



1941 motor unit manufacturer's data.



Manufacturer data on the 1936 amplifier unit. "T Bs/24a - 32".



Manufacturer's data. Siemens & Halske is the maker.



1943 motor unit.



1943 keyboard



1941 keyboard.



1941 motor unit. If anyone has a spare cover to the printing box, please let me know.



1936 voltmeter



1943 voltmeter