Ukw. E. e 1945 Restoration
Nr. 245973

This receiver was manufactured in 1945, therefore one can expect inferior components and materials. The solder is usually of inferior quality, but is still better than the electro-fusion spot welding that took place at the end of 1945. As were most post 1941 Ukw.E.e receivers, this one was a "Gelbstrichgerät", or "yellow-stripe device" with allowed it to be used through an intercom box without assistance of a power amplifier, since it used the detector as an amplifier circuit.

The restoration process is described below:




The receiver's face-plate. It has been cosmetically restored before I started working with it.



The first problem was a missing capacitor in the power stage of the receiver.



Here is the new capacitor and also the old one as well. Both have been restored and have brand new capacitors inside of them.



Tuning the resonant frequency of the oscillator.



Heterodyne frequency is 183.8 Khz too low (receiver set to 30 MHz) and must be adjusted.