This is the gyrocompass used in German Panzers. It employed a 3-phase gyro-stabilizer powered by a 3-phase power supply. The purpose of this device was to maintain correct compass direction indication with the tank driving on un-even terrain.


The complete Kurskreisel set.



The box for hte gyrocompass itself.















This is the extremely rare connector between the power supply and compass.















3-phase power connectors on the left, and 12 V vehicular power connectors on the right.






This special motor-generator generates 3-phase power.



Exposed ball-bearing. This set was in absolutely untouched condition.



Female end of the power connector between the power supply and the compass.



This end screws into the actual compass.



Power supply fuse.



Power supply is officially called the KA3.



This is the space where the power supply is mounted. If lookin at the Panther from the front, it's on the right-most side of the tank, directly under the glasis plate.



Power supply right after it was mounted. Note the two wires entering two holes at the center of the photo: these feed the Bosch 12 volt power connector for the power supply.



Closeup of the power supply showing it plugged into the Bosch Stecker.



The Kurskreisel mounted in place.



Connector on the bottom of the Kurskreisel.



Special connector has been attached.



From another angle.