Kasten Pz. Nr. 20

The Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 is the first full-featured Panzer intercom box produced by the Germans. Its production followed that of the Kasten Pz. Nr. 11, which was just a simple amplifier.

The major internal components were:

  • Single tube, dual transformer power amplifier that used a RV12P2000 tube.
  • A dual-connector electromagnetic relay for the sole use of the tank commander.
  • Volume control potentiometer.
  • A switch that separates the crew from the radio operator.
  • A switch that connects the crew to the radio operator
  • A switch that sends the output of Receiver 1 and Receiver 2 to both the commander and radio operator.
  • A switch that sends the output of Receiver 1 to the commander and Receiver 2 to the radio operator separately.

There are 7 sockets on the intercom box:

  • Output "to transmitter"
  • Input "from Receiver 1"
  • Input "from Receiver 2"
  • Input "Radio Operator microphone"
  • Output " Radio Operator headphones"
  • Input "Driver microphone"
  • Output "Driver headphones"

The connectors for the tank commander and gunner come from the conduit at the bottom of the intercom box and get connected to the screw-posts inside at the bottom of the box.


The original Kasten 20 as it was taken out of the Panther.



The "aircraft" cables were individually braid-shielded and had a common braided shield.



The control panel of the Kasten 20.



The original rubber shock absorbers for the Kasten 20.


Here is the ultra-rare Kasten Pz. Nr. 20



Closeup of the name plate. The condition is completely original.



The main panel of the intercom box.



Reverse side of the box.



The power cable input, and the driver's connection sockets. Notice the Kmf. a microphone connection.



The conduit openings that allow for headphone/mike connections of the turret's inhabitants (commander and gunner). These connections were fed through the middle conduit opening.



The schematic for the intercom box is riveted to the inside of the lid - very convenient.



The internal components of the Kasten Pz. Nr. 20



Terminals to connect the microphones and headphones of the commander and gunner.



The amplifier's RV12P2000 checks out very good.



Simulating the connection of the intercom box with the turret.



Another photo of the intercom box in action.



I'm adjusting the volume control on the Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 while listening through the radio operator's headphones while bench-testing the Fu. 5 set for the Panther V a



This is one of the spring-loaded screws used to secure the wires from the Slip-ring in the Kasten Pz. Nr. 20. That's "attention to detail"



The rubber shock absorbers are attached and ready for installation into the Panther.



These are ORIGINAL rubber shock absorbers.



The Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 was always installed first with the cover off.



The Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 has been physically installed, and the wires from the Slip-ring have been connected. All shielding has been tightly grounded with a very low resistance between shield and ground.



The Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 is ready for use.



Another photo of the installed Kasten Pz. Nr. 20. Note the grounding strap. The reverse configuration of the shock absorbers is identical to how the original intercom box was configured.



Another angle showing the Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 installed.