Fu.5 + Fu.2 - Panther V ausf. A Installation

Jacques Littlefield Collection

The Fu.5 + Fu.2 radio configuration was the standard communications system for most German WWII battle tanks. This was a revolutionary AM-based platform, and was the first of its kind on the battlefield. The FU 5 not only incorporated complete radio-telephone capabilities of both voice and CW, but also boasted a sophisticated and complicated on-board intercom functionality fully integrated with the radio set. It was comprised of the following elements:

  • Ukw. E. e receiver #1
  • Ukw. E. e receiver #2
  • 10 W. S. c transmitter
  • U10a umformer
  • E.u.a umformer #1
  • E.u.a umformer #2
  • Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 (intercom box)
  • Z23 fuse box for the hull
  • 5C fuse and connection box for the turret
  • 8-contact slip ring model E.
  • Kasten Pz. Nr 21 (commander's headset connection box)
  • Kasten Pz. Nr 22 (gunner's headset connection box)
  • 2 x Kmf. a, double-pin laryngaphones
  • 2 x Kmf. b, triple-pin laryngaphones.
  • 4 x Dfh. b, panzer headphones
  • Antenna connection box 2g.
  • Antenna connection box 2f.
  • 2 meter antenna.

Period photo of a Panther Ausf. A




The Littlefield Panther at the Pony Trax courtyard




The FU 5 System (installed in the Panther)


The Umformer Rack + Z23 Fuse Box

FU 5 diagram
Click on the various component drawings to see restoration work for each device.
Ukw.E.e #1 10.W.S.c Ukw.E.e #2 12 V Anschlußkasten Z23 Anschlußkasten Z23 E.U.a Umformer Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 Kasten Pz. Nr. 20 Slip Ring (Schleifring) Schleifring (slip ring) Kasten Pz. Nr. 5c Kasten Pz. Nr. 5c Schleifring Buchse E.U.a Umformer U10a Umformer Kasten Pz. Nr. 21 Kasten Pz. Nr. 22 Kasten Pz. Nr. 21 Kasten Pz. Nr. 22 Antennenzuleitung P

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