Slip Ring (Schleifringübertrager) 8 Ausf. E

The slip ring is the device that allows continual electrical connections to occur between the hull and the turret of the Panther. There are 8 connections allowed total, therefore the designator "Ausf. 8E". Specifically, the slip ring provides the following connections between the hull and the turret:

  • Ground
  • 12 Volt "+" and "-" power termini.
  • All 5 connections from the Kasten 20 intercom box to the commander and gunner.

The slip ring connects 12 Volt power from the Z23 Fuse box. These wires are shielded by a common braided shield which is grounded at the Z23 Fuse box

The incoming cable from the Kasten 20 intercom box contains 6 leads, each of which is individually braid-shielded and grounded. These 6 leads are encased in a common braided shield which is also grounded. This grounding is accomplished with the nut at the entry point of the Kasten 20.

A flexible metal shielded cable extends from the slip ring, and connects with a screw-on bushing to the Kasten 5c turret fuse-box.

The entire slip-ring device installed in the Panther's hull



The name plate "gyn" code, model 8-E, manufactured in 1944.


The outer connection ring. Here, the wires from the Z23 Fuse Box and the Kasten 20 Intercom Box are connected. The two thick black wires are for 12 Volt power, and the thinner multi-colored wires are from the intercom box.



The bushing which connects to the Kasten 5c turret fuse box.



Photo of the slip ring from another angle.



Best angle at which I could see the slip ring manufacturer's label. Looks like the year of manufacture was 1944.



Photo of the inside of the slip ring, showing the bakelite drum and the copper covered grooves on which the contact paddles slid.



Paddle device construction from another angle.



Another photo showing the inside of the Slip Ring.



Photo showing the inside connectors of the Slip Ring. These 8 connectors determine which contacts on the Kasten 5c bushing are live. They also correspond with the outer 8 connectors.