Antennenzuleitung P

The Antennenzuleitung P is the antenna impedance matching network of the Fu 5 set, designed specifically for battle tanks (i.e. the Panther). It consists of two main components: Kasten 2g and Kasten 2f.

Kasten 2g connects to the 10.W.S.c with a "dog-bone" connector with an unshielded short cable with two wires. A 6 meter, 65 Ohm shielded cable connects the Kasten 2g with the Kasten 2f, which is located in a metal basket at the base of the antenna. The 6 meter antenna cable is encased in a solid steel conduit.

The electrical components of the boxes are described as follows:

Kasten 2g:

  • A 50 pF, 1500 Volt capacitor is connected in series with the antenna wire.
  • The ground wire from the 10W.S.c is connected to ground inside the Kasten 2g.

Kasten 2f

  • A1000 pF, 1500 Volt capacitor is connected in series with the antenna wire.
  • A 30 pF, 1500 Volt capacitor is connected in series from the antenna wire coming out of the Kasten 2g to ground.

Then an unshielded single wire is connected from the 1000 pF capacitor to the base of the 2 meter antenna.

Another purpose for this system is to protect the radios from high voltage spikes and spurious high-powered transmissions.




Here is our Kasten 2g




The opened Kasten 2f.



Kevin Wheatcroft's head mechanic, Brian Rutter, supplied us with photos of the never-seen metal basket that holds the Kasten 2f under the antenna.


The rare basket from another angle with the Kasten 2f visible.



A profile view



A lower angle view.



Bottom view.



The original basket with the antenna mount attached.



Our MVTF copy. Very nice!!!!!



The reproduced basket from the inside.



Kasten 2f is installed in the basket.



The antenna pedestal on the rear right side of the Panther, behind the turret.



The antenna base. The base is made from reinforced rubber, so the antenna could bend if it encounters obstacles such as tree branches.



Ready to install onto the Panther hull!!!



Lid screwed shut on the Kasten 2f