The Ukw.E.e is a familiar receiver to me. I've restored 6 of these in the past, and it's a relatively easy reciever to repair. There may be additional disassembly necessary if something is wrong with the 1st IF circuit, since it's located deep in the center of the receiver. Otherwise, most blocks are accessible. These recievers have NEVER worked without repair, unlike which almost always work when "plugged in". Problems encountered are:

  • Faulty paper capacitors
  • Blown and destroyed resistors
  • Cold solder joints
  • Mechanically disconnected resistor caps
  • Blown power switches

The general theme for these receivers is lower component quality. Although they share paper capacitors with other sets, these 12 Volt-heated radios use lower quality axial paper capacitors and box paper capacitors. These fail quicker, and thereby affect other surrounding components. Cold solder joints may be a problem with any radio set.

The blown power switch is something I've only seen once on the Ukw.E.e. After taking the switch off, and disassembling it, did I see the problem wich was a burned out contact (shown below), which I replaced. These switches were not meant to be disassembled and are "throw-away". Unfortunately there are no spare ones to use.

The disassembled power portion of the switch.
The contact plate has been removed to show the relationship between the contacts. Quite a fragile and elaborate configuration.
The actual contact plate showing one of the burned out contacts that had to be replaced. The whole switch had to be re-assembled with small screws and nuts.