Torn. Fu. [b1, c, f, h, k] Series
An absolutely awesome moment of war. An artillery shell explodes meters from the trench, as the radio operator screams into the microphone of the Torn.Fu.b1!



Deep trench with Torn.Fu.b1



A Torn.Fu.* used in the snow.



Torn. Fu. b1 in an area with lots of mosquitos.



It is rare that one finds a photo which shows so much detail about the hardware being used. Here you can clearly see these men using a Torn. Fu. b1, with the rare "Achtung! Feind Hört Mit" bakelite microphone.



A closeup of the transceiver showing the "Torn. Fu. b1" plate and the microphone above it.



Looks like CW (Morse Code) training using a Torn. Fu. f.



A battle-hardened radio operator puffs on a pipe as he operates a Torn. Fu. b1.



A radio operator glances over at the camera while operating a Torn. Fu. b1



Never seen before: the complete Torn. Fu. * setup on a Zundapp.



A snow-camouflaged Torn. Fu. *



In front of a bunker.



What these transceivers were commonly used for: artillery communications.



A radio team operating a Torn. Fu. (b2, c, f) communicating via telegraphy. This was an official press photo with a special label attached to the reverse. This transceiver is using a top-loaded antenna.



This is the press tag glued to the above photo. It reads:

Bessarabia - July 12th, 1941

Advanced radio station in Bessarabia.

The artillery observer sits onn a hill in front of the Dniestr river, and announces the situation of the impacts in the hostile positions beyond the river to the batteries.



A Torn Fu. (d2, c, f) being used at a fire base.



Signals men setting up a transceiver.



The same men are using the station.



It's nice when everything works.



Members of a police detachment are operating a Torn Fu. (b2, or f) somewhere in Russia, as the reverse of the photo states.



Two Heer NCOs are seen using a Torn. Fu * transceiver with a Morse key. This photo is taken in 1943 or later because the headphone model of that year is being worn by the men.


A couple of signals personnel operate a Torn. Fu. f radio station.



Torn Fu. *



Frontline radio troops operating a Torn Fu. *



Mountain troops using a Torn Fu * transceiver.



Mountain troops using a Torn Fu * transceiver.



A Signals man is communicating through a Torn Fu. *. He is using a Morse key, which allowed for greater range.



The same signals man in the above photo, is seen changing a vinyl record on the record player. The other soldier is combing his hair.



Two Signals men are seen communicating using the Torn Fu. * set.



This is how to carry this equipment. It doesn't look heavy!!!!



Three radio guys using their Torn. Fu * transceiver.



Two of the same guys in the above photo are resting in a tent next to their Torn Fu * transceiver. The antenna can be seen going through a hole in the tent.



Soldaten of the Großdeutschland divison operate what is probably a Torn. Fu. b1 transceiver. Notice the early pattern helmet worn by the soldier on the right, which indicates this to be a pre-war training exercise (around 1935-36).