An officer and a seargent listening to a Torn. E.b through a speaker of civilian design.



Listening to an early Torn. E. b with external speaker.



Torn. E. b school, or is it Morse Code practice? Two men are assigned to each Torn. E. b



A Luftwaffe seargent wearing a Luftwaffe ground combat badge, is looking at his completely accessorized Torn. E. b



Listening in the Summer heat. A fully configured Torn E.b. and accessory box. The Torn E.b. has two headphone jacks.



This is an image of the sleeping quarters of an NCO (non-officer boots) complete with a Torn. E. b (1935 model) and accessory box. The object on top looks like a speaker that has been plugged into the head-phone jack of the Torn. E. b. The ground wire is suspended over the bed, but the antenna wire cannot be seen.