Wehrmacht ENTERTAINMENT Radios
A nice WR1-T being listened to by a military veterinarian.



Radione R2 powered by a Varta 12 volt battery. By the position of the frequency tuning needle, looks like they are listening to a station in Köln.












A WR1-P in an administrative vehicle. Some nice details include a radio lamp, flashlight and typewriter.



A postcard showing two soldiers from the Afrikakorps listening to a WR1-T. Notice the taped up speaker and ventilation openings. Imagine the weather temperature that required these openings to have been taped. Also notice that the control labels on the radio are black, which means that this WR1-T is painted with desert camouflage beige colors.



A heavily cropped photo showing German soldiers resting in a meadow. The radio shown is a WR1-T with the filament battery protruding outside its enclosure.
A nice shot of soldiers listening to a WR1/T entertainment radio.



The WR1/T closeup



An interesting photo showing a group of men and two officers resting and listening to a either a WR1-T or a WR1-P entertainment receiver on the horse-drawn wagon. The officers seem to be engrossed in writing either situational reports or letters home.