Erwin Greiner



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My father was an amateur radio operator and the station has operated as an amateur station until about 1980.
His call sign was DJ3VN. After 1980, he has kept the station as a reminder.

My father was in WWII radio operator in the Air ForceHis task was the installation and repair of radio equipment in aircraft.
As a young man he is enthusiastic for the electrical and especially the radio equipment was his hobby. 1937 Listeners license was granted to.
Therefore, he was also in the Army to the news department.

After WWII he started again as soon as it was possible as an amateur radio operator. In 1945 he was registered as an amateur.
As children we always listened enthusiastically when he had contact with the world around radio.

He died in January 2013 at the age of 92



Amateur radio operation license during the Third Reich



A letter to Erwin from Leni Riedel



An amateur radio club number assignment to Erwin from 1947.



Lifetime membership in the International Amateur Radio Club.



Commendation certificate for 40 years of membership in DARC



The radio shack



Erwin's QSL cards