A soldier of the Kriegsmarine is wearing an interesting integrated head-set.



A very intersting chest microphone being used with an equally interesing set of headphones.


A Heer officer is sitting on some unidentified equipment, using a chest microphone and strap-phones.



A Torn. E. b being powered by a pedal generator. Notice the swastika grafitti on the fence (pointing in the wrong direction).



Smile for the camera - a soldier straining on a pedal power generator.



This is an interesting photo showing a field battery re-charging station. The filament batteries used in most field radio sets were rechargeable. The devices hanging on the back of the shack are called "Ladetafel - C " and were used to charge the batteries. Many batteries can be seen under the bench.



A rare photo showing a "Feind hört mit" microphone being used.


Thanks to Hans-Joachim Röhrs this equipment has been identified. It is the V35 mixing console by Lorenz (with RE034k) which was used by the Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft for radio purposes.



Here is a modern photo of the V35 borrowed from the http://www.jogis-roehrenbude.de/Roehren-Geschichtliches/Trioden/RE034k.htm web site to illustrate the modern device.