The RL12P35 is a 35 Watt transmitting pentode. It was designed for short wave communications in the 50 meter to 4.5 meter band. The filament voltage is 12.6 Volts. Filament current is 630 (+-50) mA. The anode voltage is varied based on the required wavelength of the transmission. The table below explains this relationship:
Wavelength Anode Voltage
> 20 m 800 V
15 to 20 m 700 to 800 V
11 to 15 m 600 to 700 V
8 to 11 m 500 to 600 V
4.5 to 8 m 400 to 500 V
The anode current is 150 mA. The screen biasing voltage is 200 V. The anode output is 30 Watts, while the screen output is 5 Watts.
Photo showing the Telefunken logo and tube model name.



Manufactured in 1944, this tube was stamped with the Luftwaffe quality office stamp.



The male socket.



The anode and suppressor grid connectors.



The RL12P35 pinout diagram.