RPG 2 (Röhren Prüfgerät 2) Vacuum Tube Tester
This vacuum tube tester was manufactured exclusively for testning the RL12P35 transmitting pentode.
Principle: Tests viablilty of vacuum tubes by applying filament and anode voltages to tubes. Also tests for shorts between elements by applying voltage to various pin combinations. Voltages and pinouts are configured with a punch-card system.
Power Requirements: AC voltage range switch (110 to 250 V)
Case material: Metal case
Vacuum Tubes:  





This is what the RPG 2 looked like when I first received it. The original paint is in very good condition.



The control panel. On the left is the miliampermeter. In the center is the switch to test the vacuum tube's various attributes. On the right is a key describing the test results.



The manufacturer's data. This device has been made specifically for the Luftwaffe.



Tube testing compartment. Note brass tab for contacting the anode terminus of the tube.