RPG 1 (Röhren Prüfgerät 1) Vacuum Tube Tester
This vacuum tube tester was manufactured exclusively for the Luftwaffe.
Principle: Tests viablilty of vacuum tubes by applying filament and anode voltages to tubes. Also tests other aspects of tubes by applying voltage to various pin combinations. Voltages and pinouts are configured with a metal card system.
Power Requirements: AC voltage range switch (110 to 250 V)
Case material: Wooden and metal case
Vacuum Tubes: RGN 1064  x2

Eisen-wasserstoff-widerstand H 85 -255/60  x2
Stabilisator StV 280/40
Stabilisator StV 280/80 A43   x2

Wooden case

Cover open
Control panel and tube sockets.
Manufacturer data - Company is "CLSF" - if someone knows about this firm - please let me know.  Date - 1941
Vacuum tube configuration cards.
Operating instructions.
Tube testing specifics.
Protective case for the Zusatzkasten.