Wechselg + Relaisprüf.
When it comes to collecting period test equipment, I usually stay on the more practical side, and acquire items that can be actually used to repair radios, such as the RPG4/3. This was no exception, as it is the first device I have encountered which tests the standard Wehrmacht relays used with the 100W.S. and the NTG2. This device looks complete and is operational. There were some modifications made to it after the war, but they are cosmetic only.



The device with a replaced power cord and a sample relay which is the type to test on this device.



Closeup of the face plate.





Power switch, and the three test modes: "Send alternating current, Test I, Test II"



The top relay socket is original. The bottom socket was added later.



The large milliammeter.



It takes a relay to test a relay.