LSG (Fu) b
Vehicular Speaker With Amplifier
This speaker was used in armored vehicles such as the Sturmgeschütz III. It employed an RL12P10 vacuum tube as a power amplifier.
The obverse face of the speaker. Year of manufacture was 1943.



Data plate close-up.



Power switch and power-light window closeup.



The reverse of the unit.



Top of the unit.



With the cover removed, the "backplane" connectors can be seen for the power and the signal input.



More cover interior shots.



The original fuse - heavily oxidized.



After cleaning it, the fuse tested just fine.



Power (12 Volt) and audio connectors.



The unit as seen from the right side.



The unit as seen from the rear.



View from the left side. Note the vibrating power supply.



Unit as seen from the top.



View of the bottom.



Screw-knob for the vibrating power supply.



The description for the knob.