Tonschreiber b1
This is one of the several models of magnetic tape recorders/players which were developed for the Wehrmacht for recording high-speed telegraphy (A1) messages for subsequent analysis. As the war progressed, both the Axis and Allied powers used progressively superior methods of communication and data encryption. One of these methods was to send encrypted telegraphy (Morse code) messages at very high speeds. The receiving side would record the messages on a wire recorder and replay them later at a slower rate for deciphering. The Germans also utilized this method, except they used magnetic tape for this purpose. Germany was the only nation at that time which used magnetic tape technology. No other country had this expertise and as the Allies progressed through Europe, the started discovering these strange devices, which they immediately shipped to their home countries for study and analysis.





The Tonschreiber b1



Data plate of the motor unit. the [L] designates "Laufwerk". The serial number of this unit is 588. All known Tonschreiber b1 machines have serial numbers below 1000, and most were manufactured in 1944.



The serial number of the amplifier unit is 574. There are decals on both the motor and amplifier units that state that both of them must have the same serial numbers, but I have yet to see a set where they are matching.



The play/erase head designation "made only for the Tonschreiber b"



The beautiful tachometer on the motor unit, shows at which speed the tape is recording and playing back.



Instructions for use.



Waffenamt stamp on the magnetic tape spool.



The amplifier unit with the cover removed. This is the rear Pertinax board with many components.



The amplifier unit with the cover removed. View from the top.



View from the left side showing the motor unit connectors.



The amplifier unit with the cover removed. View from the right side showing the tape speed control mechanism along with the power plug and audio inputs/outputs.



The "Flexo" brand interface plug from the motor unit. There were two connectors and they are different.



Cover removed from the motor unit.