GL. ERZ400 b (power generator)
This was a power generator used for the 5 W.S., 10 W. S., 20 W. S., and 30 W. S. transmitters (Metsu). The power generated consisted of 400 Watts by12 to 16 Volts. These generators were a more efficient way of supplying this equipment with electricity when the motors of their vehicles were not running. Otherwise vehicular battery power had to be used which drained these batteries quickly. This example came in its original wooden crate (seen below) with a spare motor unit.
The Gl. ERZ400 b generator. It weighs around 70 lbs.
The main control panel. The generator can be switched to produce either 12V or 16V. At the bottom of the photo, are the power output connectors. The male plug accepts the 12 Volt power cable shown in the cables section of this site
This is the crate in which the Gl. ERZ400 b came in along with the spare motor.
The spare gasoline engine that came with the crate.