U 100/24b-24 - Umformer for the 100 Watt Sender
Heavy beast of an Umformer weighing approximately 32 Kg.



Two of the hatches open, showing the windings and brushes. The low voltage is on the right side, and the high voltage is on the left.

Looks like the power switch is missing. If someone has one, or knows what it looks like, please let me know.



View from the top.



Manufacturer data. Note the early Reichswehr stamp below the data plate. At 30 Amp current draw on the low voltage, you can bet your batteries will not last too long.



The 100 Volt connector for the transmitter.



12 volt connector to the transmitter.



Pedestal for the On/Off switch. Need more information about this.



The spare parts and cleaning box.



The cardboard sleeve slides off, revealing spare brushes.



Spare brushes for both the high voltage and low voltage sides of the umformer.



In the lower level of the box contains the cleaning strips for the Umformer windings.