NTG2, power supply for the SEG-2T transceiver
The front panel of the power supply.



Manufacturer's data plate. These devices were manufactured in France under contract from Lorenz. This unit was made in 1942.



Remote keying connectors.



This is the power connectors for the SEG-2T transceiver.



The adjustment port for the 70 volt output, and battery charging connectors for the 2 Volt battery.



One of the two side doors that open for improved cooling of the unit.



Cover off. The power supply was missing the vacuum tubes and the female connector for the remote-keying relay.



Selenium rectifiers for the mains power.



The internal component module has been removed from the reverse of the control panel. Note the neat and meticulous wiring.



The component module from the front. It is the familiar Elektrum mold injected chassis.



The male connector of the component module.



The female connector of the front panel module.



The front panel module from above. It is not possible to see the BAL stamp on the metal.



This is the lamp extractor. It is attached on the inside of the lower compartment lid.