Gleichrichter a (Mains Rectifier and Step-down Transformer)
The Gleichrichter a converts mains utility AC power of various voltages into 12 volts DC to simulate output of a 12 volt vehicle battery. Since the unit looked close to mint condition, I decided to test it. The fuses were not original to the unit, so I dropped small pieces of brass into the recesses of the fuses to simulate the metal nipples found on original fuses. Other than that, I did not have to do anything.



Inside the cover with original power cable.



Control panel



Operating instructions



Manufacturing data.



Mains voltage switch.



Ground connection, fuses, utility power input socket and on/off switch.



The insides. Note the huge transformers, huge filter capacitor and huge selenium rectifier.



With 117 Volts AC (what my outlet shows)



Consistently (for 1 hour test time) I get the following output DC voltage



20 millivolts leak into the DC, but most of this should be removed by the filters in the vibrating power supply for the Torn. E.b. This AC leakage causes RF oscillations that create noise in the internal circuits of the radio. There should be no more than 2 millivolts of AC in any DC output destined for an RF device.



With the shown settings of the Gleichrichter a.