This is the vibrating power supply for the receiver portion of the 15W.S.E.b for use in vehicles with a 12 Volt battery.
Exterior of the power supply.



Exterior of the power supply.



Data label. The only difference between the EWe and the EWc is the filament voltage of 2,4 Volts (for the EWc it's 2 Volts)






Label reads:

Inverter EWe

Content list:

2 vibrading inverters W.Gl.12a
2 iron-hydrogen resistors (thermistors to stabilize filament voltage)
1 spare fuse in fuse cap
2 spare fuses for 1,5 Amps - nominal current strength
Attention: Switch out spent vibrating inverters and mark them as "spent"






Schematic of the EWe



Contact springe



Inside the case. There are two slide-out lids over some of the components.



Slide-out lids removed.





Detail of the contact plate.



The vibrating inverter module with the cover removed.