Kasten 4 / Bordsprechanlage B

The Kasten 4 was the connection and control box for the radio operator #2 (Funker 2 Ladeschütze). It connected to Kasten 9 and Kasten 10 which interfaced with the 10W.S.c and Ukw.E.e respectiely that were located in the turret of the command tank. Kasten 4 also connected to Kasten Pz. Nr. 5c, and Kasten 2 (N-Offizier (Richtschütze))

This box was used in the Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panzer V, Panzer VI and Panzer VII tanks. The system in which this box was used is called the Bordsprechanlage B.


Bordsprechanlage B - the communication system for German command tanks.