Kasten Z18

This was the first intercom box used in Panzers. It was used in the Panzer II, III and IV prior to the intraduction of the Bordsprechanlage 20. It did not have a power amplifier. Three crew members could connect their microphones and headphones into the Z18. It also accepted connections from the receiver and transmitter of the Panzer. Directly connected microphones were operated from 12 volts of vehicluarl power supplied directly into the Z18. Two large filter capacitors were activated when the the Z18 was switched into "Bord" mode, to filter out engine/generator interference.

Bordsprechanlage Z (Yellow Stripe) in Panzer III and Panzer IV between 1940 and 1942.



Obverse of the Z18. Note the standard pre-1941 olive green paint. SN 1960, year is 1940.



Chrome-plated cable-shield grounding nuts.



Another obverse photo with a different color setting.



Reverse - note faint Waffenamt.



View from the top. Radio operator connectors for microphone and headphones. Switch for transitioning from "Bord" to "Funk & Bord". The yellow stripe on top is phosphorus (radioactive) which glows in the dark to show position of the Z18.



Switch detail. The button has a phosphorus ring for being visible in the dark.



Detail of the radio operator's connectors.



This sign shows settings for the switch above. It also glows in the dark. There is a yellow stripe below the sign. This usually indicates some sort of modification from the original design.



Manufacturer data.



Interior photo.



Detail of the connection block.



Detail of the filter choke.



Switch mechanism details.



Inside of lid.



Manufacturer is Deutsche Telefonwerke.



Schematic and Waffenamt.



Waffenamt detail (741).



Reverse of Z18 Waffenamt detail (741).



Phosphorus! Glow in the dark details.