Kasten Pz. Nr. 11

The Kasten Pz. Nr. 11 was the primary intercom box amplifier for command tanks of the Third Reich. This box was used in the Panzer III, Panzer IV, Panzer V, Panzer VI and Panzer VII tanks. The system in which this box was used is called the Bordsprechanlage B .

This was a Class C audio frequency amplifier, that consisted of an RV12P2000 vacuum tube, with a potentiometer to control the grid voltage of the vacuum tube (the volume control). The Kasten Pz. Nr. 11 drew its power from one of the EU.a dynamotors through a "T" connector next to the power socket of the Mw.E.c receiver.

The Kasten Pz. Nr. 11 amplified all intercom signals of the crew in the command tank.


Bordsprechanlage B - the communication system for German command tanks.



The outside of the Kasten Pz. Nr. 11. \



Kasten 11 designation.



Bordsprechanlage B - note the low serial number and the year of manufacture - 1943.



Power connector.



On/off switch and volume control.



The single entry point for all headphone and microphone circuits.



The simple interior. Just a simple audio frequency amplifier.



The headphone and microphone wire connection points.



The microphone by-pass capacitor.



More components and the RV12P2000 vacuum tube.



Another internal photo.



Inside of the lid with schematic.



Close up of schematic.