Antenne Zuleitung f

This impedence matching system is comprised of a pass through box (Kasten 2b) and an impedence-matching box (Kasten 2a). It was used in the following vehicles and configurations:

  • Befehlspanzer III with rotating turret (1942-), IV (Fu6)
  • Panzer III, IV (Fu5/Fu2 1940-1942)
  • Panzer III
  • Panzer I, II, III, IV (Fu5)
  • Sturmgeschutz (Fu16)

As may be inferred from the list above, this is one of the most commonly used impedence-matching system in the Panzer Corps. The coaxial cable length is 1.5 meters, and is used with a 2-meter antenna.




Plug was for the transmitter connector when not in operation. It was not connected to anything internally.





Both boxes manufactured by SABA - one of the largest contracted Panzer radio manufacturers.



Straight-through connection box Kasten 2b



The impedence matching box Kasten 2a with the 5-winding induction coil.