WWII German Panzer Headphones
In armored vehicles, the noise level from the running engine and exploding artillery was very high. Standard headphones did not protect the soldier from this noise, and a nearby explosion could easily knock them off the head. These headphones had a dual purpose: 1) radio communications with other armored vehicles and 2) communication with other members of the vehicle's crew. A more durable construction was required, so these headphones had a thick leather-bound band connecting the ear-cups. The ear-speakers were very heavy duty and were connected to the head-band with a ball-and-socket joint. The actual cups were constructed of rubber. The Panzer headphones were often used in conjunction with the throat-microphone set.
These Panzer headphones were manufactured by Telefunken and are in mint and unissued condition
Closeup of the ear-speaker unit
The connector showing the (+) terminus.