Sagezahnantenne SZA2
Highly-directional antenna for the SEG-2T transceiver
This unique antenna design was created for the purpose of establishing a highly derectional lobe only 40 degrees wide. This establishes an "optical" communication path which can be disturbed by any obstacles in its way. The antenna itself is a thing of beauty - constructed from molded Bakelite and ceramic insulators, it stretches the active element in very straight lines in a Chereix-Mesny array.



Antenna from the reverse.



Central ceramic insulator with details of the central Bakelite structure.



Outer ceramic insulators.



Antenna connector.



The female connector on the reverse of the SEG-2T allows for both horizontal and vertical configuration of the antenna. This makes the 40 degree wide lobe configured either horizontally or vertically.



Manufacturer data.