I started working with WWII radio equipment in 2004 after seeing photographs of Wehrmacht radio sets for the first time in the book by Pierre Metsu. With the help of Vladimir Dvorkin, I've acquired radio textbooks from the 1930s where the theory and practice of vacuum tube radio engineering is described with great detail. I'm always hunting for original manuals and texts, both in English and in German. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting equipment not only to add to my online museum, but to restore and tune to factory specifications. My goal is also to have the most representative collection possible, and to educate the world about these devices and the genius of this forgotten technology.

As archeology aims to educate mankind about its past through the study of historical artifacts, the restoration and study of military technology from major military conflicts aims to educate mankind about the history of the engineering mind at the pinnacle of inventiveness. I constantly discover interesting and unusual implementations of functionality.

The purpose of this site and our hobby is to learn about the communications technology of military organizations in the 20th century. Part of this includes the communications equipment of Third Reich Germany. The regime which ruled Germany during this time was criminal one, and we deplore its ideology and atrocities committed against the peaceful peoples of Europe. This site has absolutely no political purpose or affiliation whatsoever.
We are always open to new information, recommendations or suggestions. All new information is very welcome.



Here is our lab and repair area.



Here is our new motorized coil winder. Set up and ready to wind transformers and inductors.



Here is my new Telefunken back-lit advertisement. It is almost 1 meter across.