Need Ukw.E.d1 Manual with Schematic.

Ich brauche die Bedienungsanweisung mit Schaltplan für den Ukw.E.d1 Empfänger.


This site is devoted mostly to military communication technology produced prior to 1946. Browsing the site, one notes the predominance of German technology from WWII. Before, and during WWII, Germany was by far the most technologically advanced country on Earth. Half of the world's Nobel Prize winners came from Germany at that time. Therefore German communication technology from WWII is this site's primary focus. Although Allied communication gear is also interesting, it does not come close to the German equipment with respect to quality and design.

German radio technology in the pre-war and early war-time period was a full 20 years ahead of all other countries in many cases. Even though quality of materials deteriorated as the war came to a close, the design and and construction of these sets maintained their integrity. What was the key to the superiority of German radio technology of that time? German engineers of the Hescho Porcellain Fabrik, developed ceramic substrates with stable dielectric properties patented as Calit / Calan. The Lorenz Company introduced magnesium-aluminum die-cast techniques for chassis construction, which considerably improved the specifications of their new products. Hans Vogt invented low-loss iron dust-core materials. Construction became modular and sectional. The standard 19 inch rack was invented and used for the first time. The Köln E52 series of receivers were constructed with modules that plugged into a "motherboard". These devices, although created and used by a regime to further its nefarious agenda, are examples of the best engineered and most aesthetically appealing technology produced by engineers during that era.

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My progress with this hobby would not have been possible without the enormous assistance of Vladimir Dvorkin (KB9OLM), a brilliant radio engineer from California. Thank you.










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